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Standard View vs. Calendar View

WCOnline defaults to Standard View, which allows you to search for appointments using form fields. In this display, you can choose appointment details -- including the date, time, consultant name, focus, and meeting type -- and have WCONLINE instantly find possible appointments for you. 

If you would prefer to see the weekly schedule/entire calendar by day and time, scroll to the bottom of the Standard Display screen and and click View the Calendar Display. You can also change your default in your Profile & Communication Settings. 

Fall 2023 Service Announcement:

We are open for in-person sessions via the City Heights Learning Commons and Auraria Library schedules. 

Live-Online sessions are available via the City Heights Learning Commons and CU Anschutz (online only) schedules. 

Asynchronous support is available via the Undergraduate Drop Box and Graduate Drop Box.

Graduate students: Check out our Graduate Drop Box LIVE service. 

Please send questions or concerns to

In order to ensure that the Writing Center can assist all students at CU Denver | CU Anschutz, current Writing Center policies limit students to

  • 1 appointment/day/location or service, regardless of location/service
  • 2 appointments/week/location or service
    • 3 appointments/week on the "CU Denver, City Heights Learning Commons" schedule only
  • 4 appointments/week across all locations and services